1. Say Goodnight


you were out again last night
on the frontier- in the spotlight
dancin hard like a first time drunk
not too pretty but with all your might
you whirled and you dove and you sweat tell the truth- wanted to laugh and yet
if this was some kind of a joke
it was one that I did not get
Say Goodnight
this is out of my hands
Say Goodnight
I’ve done all I can
maybe in the mornin I will see
what in the world has become of me
til then I’m gonna close my eyes, and baby, Say Goodnight
I could not turn to the left or the right I was frozen dead at the sight
I couldn’t get you outta my head
like you were some kind of parasite I tried to run but it’s all just a blur ‘round every corner there you were like an angel come to lead the way like a siren to a crash and burn
crazy if I don’t- crazy if I do what have I gotten myself into
there is one thing I know for sure I wanta get crazy with you