I could’ve been somebody
somebody you might like
if only I’d been smart enough
to keep me out of sight not to drink and fight
I might have been a good man
not so much like myself
I could’ve been somebody
if I’d been somebody else

I’ve made some bad decisions
but I have no regrets
there’s not too much I haven’t done
the rest I’ve not done yet
I might’ve played it by the rules
and you can never tell
things might’ve turned out better
if I’d been somebody else

from my crimes and misdemeanors
I’ve learned a thing or two
that’s why I get down on my knees
what else can I do and brother, you should too
there’ll come a day of reckoning
that day is comin fast
if you don’t like me sayin’ so
then you can kiss my, well..

maybe I am a rough one
I think you would agree
if I’ve got a softer side
it’s one you’ll never see
If I had done it different
and not raised so much hell
I might’ve been somebody
if I’d been somebody else