all my years of searching
crazy and uncertain
thought that if I had somebody to hold
that would mean I was worth it
every day of hoping
to find a heart that’s open
only to discover the heart of a lover
is hard to hold as the wind

I believed that I could earn it
I believed that I deserved it
I believed a lot of things that were not true

All I Ever Really Wanted
was to love somebody and to be loved
alI I ever really wanted was You
all I ever really needed
was to trust somebody and to be trusted
all I ever really needed was You

this is love worth finding
solid and abiding
love that comes looking to track me down
even when I’m hiding
here my shame can’t find me
all of that behind me
this is real living- loving and forgiving
doing what Jesus did

I believe I don’t deserve it
I believe I cannot earn it
I believe it is the gift of God from You

Jesus, You’re the way
whenever I have lost my way
Jesus,You’re the truth
Whenever I think there is no way
Jesus, You’re the truth
whatever anybody else may say