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Outside the streets are quiet
There's almost nothing moves
Good day to stay inside cause
Winter's here to stay
Baby there's only one thing
Can keep us warm and bright
Let's get our Christmas on
And chase the winter blues away

We've got the gifts and stockings
A tree to decorate
And more than that, we've got
A reason to celebrate

A Real Deal Christmas
That's the only thing I want this year
A Real Deal Christmas
That’s all
A Real Deal Christmas
Baby in the manger,  angels sing
A Real Deal Christmas
We welcome You, Emmanuel

The trees and lights are lovely
The presents wonderful
But not as wonderful as
The greatest gift of all

The King of Kings, Messiah
The prophets’ promised One
Come down to Bethlehem
Given to us is a Son


We come with joy and laughter
We come on bended knee
We’re humbled by His presence
The holy Prince of Peace
And joined with hands (hearts) together
A joyful noise we raise
To Him who reigns forever
Glory and honor and praise