1. Glory

From the recording As Sparks Fly Up

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my friends and I agree-
there was a real Adam and a real Eve and they lived in the Garden of Eden and hung out by the knowledge tree and in the cool of the day
they walked with God
and the man and the animals lived together in sweet harmony even the man and the woman- now that alone is a testimony but that’s the way God wanted it it was good in His eyes
Glory, Glory
that is the way that it’s supposed to be Glory, Glory
we shall see
how far we really are
from the way that we were meant to be we have been broken
and we keep on breaking endlessly and oh, how we need to be saved
and you may laugh and say
there is no God- we’re on our own and I would say that in that case there really is no hope
‘cause without God
we could never make up anything like
Glory, Glory... we shall see
a time when there’s no hunger no hate no hurt no war a time when nobody’s mad at anybody anymore
a time when every kind of tear has been dried
and we will be redeemed from the dust
for the blood of the Lamb has surely covered us and all those who have fallen asleep will rise
and in the end of days
by the Revelation of Saint John old things will pass away and behold! a new earth shall come and we will see the Lord Jesus in all the splendor of His
Glory, Glory...