I hope you are  enjoying a beautiful autumn, which is my favorite season. Autumn in California is definitely not like autumn in New England, but it has its own charms here as well (e.g. the raging Santa Ana winds).


So we draw near to the end of October, my favorite month of my favorite season. The lingering summer days of September linger no mo', and there is a drawing inward of things. Ray Bradbury wrote a collection of stories titled "The October Country", and some of the stories capture the sense of chill October winds and something hastening away. It's a 

good read.

Onward to Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the winter with its own loveliness. Since I seem to be making seasonal recommendations, try "Frostiana", a collection of seven Robert Frost poems set for men's chorus and piano by Randall Thompson in 1959. Unfortunately, I have not heard a recording of these pieces that does them justice. Hmmm, perhaps I'll set that as a project to be ready by this time next year...