Shadows In the Rain

I like the slate-gray skies
the rolling thunder
they deeply satisfy my Ohio soul
the trouble with sun is
it's way too bright
I have to close my eyes

I like to see my life
for what it isn't
I like to think I'm right when I know I'm not
the good things I do
are all in vain
they are just shadows in the rain

and it's allright
you're with me tonight
there's no-one else I need
I'm a blind man
crashing through the night
until you help me see

this broken world cries
from the weight it's under
and mercy's soft reply can be hard to hear
the loss of all things
...I count as gain

they are just shadows in the rain

Betty Beats Her Husband

Betty beats her husband- that's what she likes to do
she's kinda like an artist who works in black and blue
she took her little lovebug and re-arranged his face
like one 'o them Picassos, with parts all over the place

Betty beats her husband- and she gets so carried away
especially when she's drinkin' which is what she does all
he tries to make her happy- he gives her all he can
Betty beats her husband and he takes it like a man

if Betty'd had a better life
if only she'd been brought up right
I'm sure that deep inside she's very nice

Betty beats her husband with vengeance in her heart
she wonders if he knows how much it's tearin' her apart
she would not have to do it if he would just listen up
Betty beats her husband 'cause she loves him so damn much

if Betty'd had a better life
if only she'd been brought up right
I'm sure that deep inside she's very nice

Betty beats her husband- he's a kinda hand-me-down
like my brother's Lionel set with the little plastic town
I think about our Betty, and what might have occurred
maybe Betty's momma beat the livin' Jesus outta her

she's a wacky one, that darned Betty
Betty beats her husband, etc..


in the dust my tears are written
ashes now are my bitter share
from the wind I receive my portion
of the kingdom of the air

shame is surely my adornment
as the mark of sin I bear
and the honor I so swiftly traded
is no longer mine to wear


oh, my heart of grief, my heart of sorrow
I know the voice of truth, I hear you calling
and I have turned my back
and once again denied you
a broken man, I stand before you

thou shall not covet, thou shall not covet
thou shall not (3x)

once the brilliant jewel of pleasure
now the rock of consequence
and the grace of your forgiveness
is my one and glorious defense


have mercy, have mercy on me oh God
have mercy, have mercy for the sake of Your love

a broken and contrite heart You will not despise

Love Has Come To Me

sometimes I feel like I just happened to be a witness
to somethin I was not supposed to see
watchin the machinery of love and reproduction
rumble on on every side of me
and I tried to tell myself that I was standin at the big switch
like it all depends on me
when I am nothin but a hired hand
not the man who runs the factory

what a fool I was to believe you loved me- what a fool to believe
   that you did not
what a lucky man to be close to you at all
and if we weren't meant to make those babies that we talked
well, they still would've been tall
and I can't make up for what I said or the way I said
or for anything that's lost
but I can tell you that you made me want to live
for the things that last

love has come to me
love has brought me to my senses
love has brought me to my knees
love has come to me

why do I fall like a wall of Jericho before you, so easily
   and so hard
I have no defenses, I have no strength, I have no pride
I don't have a prayer
but oh, I have the heart
and there is nothin I wouldn't do to make you understand or to
make you feel my love
but if I brought all I have and laid it at your door
it would never be enough


I pray I would not forget the hundred and nineteen things love
and loss have taught me and
the first of these is humility
and stakin out who's wrong or right is no substitute for sacrifice
and only truth and grace will set you free
and we all get beat up but bitterness will not be bound
around the heart that loves
and the crimes don't matter, but oh
the forgiveness does


ring out the bells for the lucky ones who will
lose themselves when they find someone
ring out the bells for the lovers and the mourners
and the beggars at the gate
ring out the bells for the humble and the lowly
and the ones who travel slowly
their glory will be great

...oh love is patient, love is kind
it does not envy and it does not brag
love is not proud, love is not rude
it does not seek its own and it is not angry
love keeps no record of wrongs
it does not delight in evil, but rejoices in the truth
it always protects, it always trusts, it always hopes
love always believes and it always keeps on...


I had nothin else to do
so I took a walk down by the school
the children played just like when I was young
I guess they never change the rules
some are kind and some are cruel
and some will try to keep you on the run

laughter like a shadow after me
there's nothing sadder than the sound of laughter

and isn't this where it begins
with twisted rhymes and childrens' sins
and scars that last long after youth is gone
fragile hearts without defense
they close the gates of innocence
and all they know is that they don't belong

laughter like a shadow after me
there's nothing sadder than the sound of laughter
laughter hides the heartache, pain and fears
the dark charade that marks the days of laughter

we are born to love and trust
to be part of something more than us
and spend a lifetime wondering what went wrong

I had nothin else to do
so I took a walk down by the school
the children played just like when I was young

chorus out

Bright Blue Waves

she brushes her cares aside
and laughs that it's not so bad
three sons she has borne with pride
why should that make her sad
some part of her fades away
as her boys fight free of their innocence
she takes her secrets to an early grave
too many drinks raised in her defense

just under the bright blue waves
in deeper water the darkness waits
calling us in over our heads
calling us deeper and deeper
and deeper yet

he smiles for a family shot
with wife and sons on the summer lawn
he thinks of the life he's got
with so many summers gone
a sorrow that knows no name
washes over him like the sea
he puts a gun to his head and prays
that he might rest in peace


the devil knows this legacy
he is the angel of despair
he comes for you, he comes for me
to steal the hope we lost somewhere


just under the bright blue waves
in deeper water we reach for grace
calling Him in over our heads
calling Him deeper and deeper
and deeper yet

Here Is My Heart

so once again I turn my gaze into the mirror of my days
and face the ghost of all I do not understand
for half my years I've wandered life beneath the strobe of
day and night
and now confess that I am right where I began
a dreamer once compelled to truth there came a crossroads
in my youth
and I chose logic, leaving fools to to travel faith
but logic falls on broken wings and puppets tangle in their strings
and I stand lost outside the shelter of your gate

here is my heart
wounded but true
here is my heart
I surrender to you

and of this world what can be said- ambition rules the hearts of men
and power wins and nature spins on looms of lust
and all profess morality but only blood writes history
til desert winds return our sins and bones to dust
and all the ideals that I'd sung have turned to ash upon my tongue
I swore to change the world but found that it changed me
and with my idols left destroyed I stood screaming in the void
that all I wanted was something to believe


take me far from this desolate land, from these altars of sand
to the sky where my soul has not flown
take my eyes, set me free
strike me blind and let me see
let me know that I am not alone


look on us
made of dust
and dreams of glory
faithless sons
fallen on the fields of mourning

son of man
in Your hands
You bear our blood and sorrows
faithful One
save us from this hour of quickening shadows

You are the only One who is true
and I give my life only for You

I am come
from a house
of restless strangers
Lord I come
at Your word that I may enter

let me rest
and lay down
this burden and this labor
I can do
naught that You have done for me O Savior

You are the only One who is true
and I give my life only for You

All songs © 2009